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MAG 351 is a premium IPTV / OTT Set-Top Box. The main advantage of the MAG 351 is standard 4K support which offers the opportunity to view video in the best quality. In turn, the 2 GB RAM and Broadcom chipset with 12,000 DMIPS creates extra speed. MAG 351 is equipped with 3 USB 3.0 ports, a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz module and the possibility to build in a hard drive.

Most important features

4Kp60, HEVC and VP9 decoding
PVR (optional)
Super-power media processor ARM A15 (B15) Core
CPU with double HD AVC encryption and extra 32 bits
DDR3 / DDR4 system memory interface.
Next generation 2.7Gpix / s 3D OGLES3.1 GPU
2 Gigabyte RAM • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz AC (optional) and – Bluetooth 4.0 adapters
Premium-class IPTV / OTT Set-Top Box
Support for 4K
MAG 351 can play up-to-date video resolution UltraHD, which gives the most realistic picture.

Content protection
Integration with the Verimatrix Advanced security core for HD and Ultra HD content.

Increased productivity
Larger RAM and powerful Broadcom media processor have increased the speed of STB.

Functions on request
MAG351 plays the latest audio and video formats and supports subtitling, format and picture settings, choice of the audio track and works with the playlists.

Powerful video processor
Next generation 2.7Gpix / s 3D OGLES3.1 GPU.

Total Comfort
The multifunctional remote control can also manage the Set-Top Box and control other devices. You can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse via a USB port for greater comfort when using MAG 351.

Compatibility with any TV system
The set-top box MAG 351 can be connected via HDMI or RCA cables.

Quality guaranteed
Infomir Set-Top Boxes are approved with CE, FCC and EAC certificates that guarantee their quality and comply with international standards.

Easy administration
MAG 351 can be set up, operated and controlled with a JavaScript API.
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